Statement on Responsible Innovation

Isomerase is committed to the socially-responsible development and use of biotechnology to help save and improve lives and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. We encourage discussion of the ethical and social implications of scientific developments in biotechnology. We respect the power that biotechnology has to save lives and improve quality of life, but do not support applications of biotechnology that do not respect human rights or carry risks that outweigh their potential benefits. We place the highest priority on health, safety, and environmental protection in the development of products and processes. We support science-based regulation by government agencies for the development and use of biotechnology to safeguard health, ensure safety, and protect the environment.

We strive to act ethically in everything we do. Whether that is the way we treat our staff, the choice of clients and suppliers we work with or the products and processes that we develop.

We appreciate the science we do has consequences. We have a collective responsibility to carefully consider the impact of the work we do and make sure that it has a positive impact.

Sustainability is the challenge of our age - resources are finite and our world is at risk. The science we do and the business we run strives to help make change for the benefit of future generations.

Biotechnology has the potential to transform the world we live in for the better. We can make that happen. - We work transparently and synergistically with our external partners and act as if we were their own internal team.

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