Development 330 x 330

Isomerase provides extensive support for partners looking to move processes and products from late discovery into development and early commercialisation phases. We improve microbial processes using an effective combination of traditional empirical and leading-edge rational approaches.

We are experienced in designing screening cascades and managing development paths to help you take your candidates or leads towards IND or CTA filing.

We provide an experienced technical and management team to direct and help accelerate your route to market.

Examples of where we can have impact include:

  • Strain/Process Improvement - we can improve your process with increased titres, yields, rates, reduction of impurities, and reduced cost of goods
  • Heterologous Expression – we can assemble pathways from a variety of sources and reconstruct biosynthesis in a suitable production host
  • Minor Components - we can isolate and characterise impurities, degradants and other metabolites - including structural elucidation
  • Regulatory Filing - we are experienced in the design and management of studies to support IND/CTA filings