discovery 330 x 330Isomerase offers a complete range of microbial natural product drug discovery services. We work from early stages of analysis and isolation of the initial product, through to genetic evaluation and targeted bioengineering of the microbial strain to deliver improved products. We also work to ensure successful tech transfer to scale-up facilities for kilogram scale production of the candidate drug.

We have an extensive background in optimising natural products to improve their drug-like properties and generating novel and inventive candidate drugs in a crowded IP space.

Examples include:

  • New IP - Generating new biology and chemistry around known microbial products – new Composition of Matter
  • Target Binding - we can optimise binding to target or reduce unwanted off-target effects
  • Pharmacological Properties - we can improve drug-like properties
  • Optimisation for intended use - including improving oral administration, solubility, compatibility with excipients, etc.
  • Rare Natural Products - we can access rare or hard to access natural products from literature
  • Analytical Method Development -  we can develop robust methods for known or new products
  • Minor Products and Related Substances - we can characterise and increase (or remove) productivity from microbial sources
  • Screening Cascades - we have extensive experience in the design and management of screening cascades
  • Semisynthetic and synthetic chemistry - we combine in-house expertise and capability with a network of external partners to fully manage compound delivery for your program
  • Formulation - generation and characterisation of early preclinical formulations