IB image 330 x 330We don’t just work in healthcare – we work in IB too. We’ve worked with a variety of companies that operate in the fuels/chemicals, agrichem, biocatalysis and specialty/fine chemical sectors to apply the power of advanced biotech and synthetic biology to the production of new and improved processes and products.

We understand the importance of developing a robust, scalable and ultimately economic process for our partners and ensuring their projects move rapidly to meet critical commercially-focused milestones.

We have a well-characterised culture collection that allows us access to a diverse metabolic and biocatalytic capability. Modern synthetic biology techniques allow us to rationally combine these into functional pathways and express them in suitable hosts.

Examples of where we can deliver competitive advantage include:

  • New Protectable Strains - we can engineer new strains to deliver improved products in a crowded IP space
  • Improved Processes - we have a track record of successful improvements in titres, yields and rates
  • Cost of Goods - we have helped companies operating across a variety of sectors to analyse and improve the costs associated with their process
  • Biocatalysis - we have a well-characterised culture collection that we can use to harness unique functionality to deliver new biocatalytic approaches - including the production of stereospecific compounds
  • Semisynthesis - we can optimise functionality for improved semisynthetic approaches