We are in an era of unprecedented ability to engineer microbes to enable completely novel bioprocesses or to improve and optimise existing ones. We combine proven traditional approaches to strain improvement alongside leading edge synbio approaches to accelerate the route to improved microbial processes and products. We can discover new biology and new chemistry, and develop that in the context of a robust and scalable bioprocess.

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Bioengineering 720wide

Our capabilities include:

  • Pathway engineering – manipulation of multi-step biosynthetic pathways to deliver novel compounds, intermediates for semisynthesis and for process/strain improvement
  • Heterologous expression – we can move non-native genes and whole pathways into new hosts using our bespoke molecular biology toolkit
  • Rational bioengineering – we can make highly targeted changes to generate specific analogues. This includes gene/domain replacement, removal or addition. Highly predictable
  • Mutasynthesis – enables combination of simple chemical synthesis with complex biosynthesis. Can rapidly create small focused libraries utilising our extensive library of starter units
  • Accelerated Evolution® – a disruptive technology for diversity generation for polyketides and other modular natural products such as non-ribosomal peptides

The true value of our approach is in the combination of all of these options - examples of how we have applied our technology can be found here and in the illustration below

Combo engineering