Isomerase’s team has decades of expertise working with native and bioengineered microbes and the molecules they produce.  Compounds from microbes include natural products derived from fungal and bacterial fermentations, analogues of natural products engineered and synthesized using our suite of synthetic biology tools, proteins including biocatalytic enzymes and peptides recombinantly expressed. In some cases, the engineered microbial strain is the final product, such as a microbial strain that acts as a biosensor or acts directly one that can be used as a crop protection agent (e.g. Bacillus thuringiensis). In other cases, the product is a small molecule, peptide or protein, or the bioprocess necessary for their manufacture.

Products resulting from our capabilities and expertise in bioengineering, chemistry, and bioprocessing include:

Why work with Isomerase on your product?

Our team is used to working with a wide range of microbial strains, using cutting-edge science to access both preexisting and novel products. We have expertise across scientific disciplines allowing us to support projects from concept to scale-up. We have heritage expertise working on natural product drug discovery projects, microbial strain bioengineering and bioprocess development. We can provide biopharmaceutical services for those interested in microbial products as drugs or bespoke enzymes to support more sustainable or cost-effective processes.

Contact us

Contact us to discuss your project or for more information about the types of microbial products we work on or our biopharmaceutical services – we just need to know the target product – we can develop the microbial process!

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