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Biotechnology has enabled the development and manufacturing of a wide variety of our novel functional materials including high-value fibers, bespoke adhesives, biodegradable plastics, microbial produced dyes, leather, fabrics and many more. Isomerase is supporting some of the leading companies in this space to ensure they have robust strains and scalable bioprocess routes. One of the ways in which we do this is via our recombinant peptide services, where we work with a variety of businesses to aid in their research efforts and help them to develop the functional materials needed to carry out bespoke research and analysis.

Examples of our work include:

  • Bio-based dyes - ­assessment of proprietary process for microbial dye production, process improvement using Design of Experiments approaches, recommendations for de-linking scale-up.
  • Functional recombinant peptides - USP/DSP development, scale-up and risk analysis/mitigation for novel peptide-based platform technology

What are the characteristics of Functional Materials?

Functional materials are mostly characterized as those materials which possess particular native properties and functions of their own.

They can be tailored and customized to meet specific business requirements, also they can be engineered to have specific characteristics or properties, allowing businesses to optimize performance and functionality for their specific needs.

Functional materials often possess a wide range of potential applications, they can be used in diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, healthcare and more.

Their versatility allows businesses to leverage the same material for multiple purposes, enhancing cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

In terms of sustainability, we can prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Sustainable features that are huge aspects of functioning materials include being recyclable, biodegradable or sourced from renewable resources.

These materials align with businesses' sustainability goals and contribute to their corporate social responsibility efforts.

What are the main uses of recombinant peptides?

Active recombinant peptides are utilized as diagnostic and biotherapeutics in various maladies and as bacterial growth inhibitors in the food industry. Recombinant peptides are peptides produced through genetic engineering techniques and have various applications, such as significant potential in the development of therapeutic drugs.

They can be designed to target specific biological processes or disease pathways, offering opportunities for precision medicine, and can also be used as therapeutic agents for conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. However, they play a crucial role in diagnostic assays and tests and can be used as biomarkers to detect specific diseases or conditions.

Recombinant peptides can be incorporated into diagnostic platforms, such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays or lateral flow assays, to detect the presence of specific antibodies or antigens in patient samples. Providing researchers with precise control and manipulation of specific protein sequences and domains, enabling detailed investigations and understanding of biological mechanisms. 

They can also be utilized in the formulation of cosmetic and personal care products.

Peptides with specific properties, such as antifogging, skin repairing and moisturizing effects can be incorporated into skincare products.

The versatility and controllable nature of recombinant peptides make them valuable tools, ranging from therapeutics and diagnostics to industrial processes and research.

Why choose Isomerase?

At Isomerase, we are a biotechnology company that specializes in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics through the use of protein engineering and directed evolution.

We are driven by a commitment to improving patient care and addressing unmet medical needs.

Our focus on developing innovative therapeutics aims to provide more effective and targeted treatments for various diseases, ultimately benefiting patients and improving their quality of life.

Contact us for more information about our recombinant peptide services and request a quote today.


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