Fee-for-service (FFS) Work Packages

As a partner’s program transitions from research to development, the studies that need to be completed become more predictable even if the outcome of those studies is data that is hard to anticipate in advance.  The team at Isomerase can use their expertise and capabilities to complete defined experiments, on a fee for service.  All engagements include a point contact project manager to help partners track progress over time.  

By working together in this way, Isomerase helps partners who can anticipate in advance of a program of work what specific studies they want to complete and how.  Costing is tightly aligned to the services requested, enabling our partners greater precision in budgeting and planning.

Examples of projects that might benefit from this approach include:

  • Lowering the cost of goods through process improvement.
  • Laboratory-based validation of literature or in silico hypotheses.
  • Additional and complementary resources to augment internal approaches.
  • Scouting, optimisation and scale up of a process then technology transfer to manufacturers at commercial scales.
  • Fermentation and DSP using a predefined process with the supply of material generated

What are the advantages of a Fee-for-Service work package?

The advantages of working under a fee-for-service work package include the more predictable costing, as the specific activities are pre-agreed in advance. 

In general, FFS work packages work best when there is a clearly defined scope to the work package and the project is more predictable in its outcome.

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Contact us to get a quote for your project under a Fee for Service relationship.

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