The team at Isomerase can support your project in a range of different ways as follows:

Consultancy Services

Our team of biotechnology specialists can assess your project and offer innovative suggestions and routes to take your project forward. Whether it is an initial concept, a full proposal for a multi-stage program or just a second opinion we can share our expertise. 

Complementing your research team

Engaging Isomerase scientists on a full-time equivalent (FTE) arrangement allows Partners to access the breadth of Isomerase’s expertise, scaled to the requirements of the project at any point and allows easy changes to the project plan as data becomes available and your project needs to evolve. This flexibility is our most common way of working with partners on more exploratory or research projects.

Accelerate your development goals

Partners have the option of working with Isomerase on a fee-for-service (FFS) when the technical services that they require are readily predictable up front, even if the outcomes still need to be determined.  Our Fee for Service is generally applicable to specific development activities where Partners require data from specific studies to support further progress toward their goals – for example, a Stirred Tank Reactor run, an E.coli gene knockout bacterial engineering project or a biocatalysis assay.

Material supply

Sometimes Partners just want material to test, include in a process they are developing or to share with one of their clients. If a production strain and/or process is available, Isomerase can use our new biopilot facility to make milligrams, grams or even kilos of material on an as-needed basis.

In all cases, you have the personal touch and ongoing relationship with a dedicated project manager, who understands your drivers, is responsive to your requirements and becomes the first port of call for any queries and for delivering regular updates.  Every Partner is important to Isomerase and benefits from having a named individual as their contact.

How can Isomerase’s services help your project?

Over 10 years ago, Isomerase was founded to supply highly innovative natural product discovery and development, bacterial engineering and bioengineering services to partners across a range of sectors. Since then, we have grown our offering to include microbiology services, bioinformatics services, bioprocess development services, DSP development services, peptide services, protein and enzyme services and chemistry services.

We can support projects all the way from concept to scale-up. We can also support partners with specific services for one aspect of a project. This flexibility allows us to support partner projects of all sizes and complexities.

Contact us

Please get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements or for more information about our services such as bacterial engineering, bioprocess development or microbiology services we offer. 

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